Hackney Night Shelter is an overwhelming force for good for any guests who stay and any volunteers who are lucky enough to take part in such a wonderful community project. I myself started volunteering for the shelter just over half a year ago at Christmas and have since caught the volunteering bug thanks to the wonderful staff, memorable conversations, and of course the immense satisfaction of helping our deserving guests turn a page and take on a new chapter in their life. It is always a pleasure to meet new guests, learn about them, and form a new bond while helping them into their next more stable point of life. The atmosphere is always so welcoming so that it's almost become a shelter away from the nastiness of the world outside. All the volunteers work tirelessly to foster an environment of respect and kindness that flows through, creating a space which is a pleasure to hang out, help around, and just exist in.

I personally have felt so connected and welcomed by the Hackney Night Shelter that I had even taken it upon myself to organise a fundraising drag bingo night in conjunction with the Duke of Wellington pub in Soho. I felt it important to reach out to the LGBTQ+ community as homelessness effects this demographic in a very specific and vicious way. This is something which also helped me gain confidence with organising things myself and was a real opportunity that I really feel proud of.

Whether it's folding linen, making cups of tea, preparing food, or helping someone with a specific personal issue, the small things you do here really do add up to a mountain of difference. It can sometimes be easy to let the state of current day homelessness get to you, but doing your part, and seeing just how many other wonderful people are doing their part will really bring light to your heart.

On the subject of modern day homelessness itself- volunteering here has opened my eyes up to so much of the world around me. Homelessness isn't just the stereotypical problem you see on the street corner. While it is that as well- homelessness is often an invisible problem. You will probably interact with many different people, working their hardest but because of the modern state of housing can not afford a place to stay. That is why places like the Hackney Night Shelter are vital. It is an imperative that we as a community do the best we can do to tackle the invisible problem of homelessness as much as we can.

Volunteering here has open my eyes and heart in the best way and I wholeheartedly recommend taking just one evening out of your busy schedule- or donating to us to gain that experience too. It not only helps the community, but it will help you too. You may even catch the volunteering bug as well!

Hackney Night Shelter is a Hackney Doorways project
Registered Charity number 1139183 Company number 07064774
The Old School Rooms, 2 Powerscroft Road, E5 0PU
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